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[The Cape Wrath Trail] is the sort of long distance route that most keen walkers dream of. A long tough trek through some of the most majestic,remote and stunningly beautiful landscape you could dare imagine. The Cape Wrath Trail is a challenging and often remote route which, in essence, could be described as the hardest long distance backpacking route in the UK.

Cameron McNeish

After gazing at the sky for some time, I came to the conclusion that such beauty had been reserved for remote and dangerous places, and that nature has good reasons for demanding special sacrifices from those who dare to contemplate it.

Richard E Byrd, Alone (1938)

What they had done, what they had seen, heard, felt, feared – the places, the sounds, the colours, the cold, the darkness, the emptiness, the bleakness, the beauty. ‘Til they died, this stream of memory would set them apart, if imperceptibly to anyone but themselves, from everyone else. For they had crossed the mountains.

Bernard DeVoto, The Course of Empire (1952)